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Body Part Modelling

Show off your beautiful hands!
Show off your beautiful hands!
Have you ever been told you have great hands or that you should be a hand model? It's not as easy as most would think, but if you play your cards right, you could get paid to display your digits!
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Evaluate your hands objectively. Are your fingers long, your hands narrow? Those are both wonderful signs that you have good looking hands.
    • Don't assume that just because your hands look better than some of the ones you see in ads, that you're hand model material. It's not uncommon for studios to use the hands of someone on staff in a pinch, and while that person might not have model hands, the studio saves time and money by using them. Or, sometimes the lighting is harsh on the hands so it can be flattering to the product.[1] In other words, having nicer hands than those you see in ads is not an indicator of hand modeling success.
    • Make sure you have a smooth, even complexion. Don't assume makeup will, well, make up for your imperfections. Birthmarks, freckles, moles, scars, crooked fingers, and irregularly shaped nails will severely limit your progress as a hand model. Pay special attention to your thumb; it'll play a huge role in many hand shots, so it needs to be good-looking.
    • Inspect the back of your hand. If you're a woman, it needs to be narrow.
    • Are your hands steady? Can you hold an object for an extended period of time without leaning on anything and without shaking? Any movement will translate into blurry pictures, so if you find that you can't keep your hands steady, modeling might not be the best use for them.
    • Shooting TV commercials can be very long days. A :30 second spot can take upwards of 12 hours to shoot and you have to be ready at all times and prepared to do take after take of small actions. Patience and the ability to always hit your mark can be the most important thing. Once the camera and lights are set, you have to be able to set the product down in the exact same place over and over.
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Take care of your hands. If you think your hands have got what it takes, treat them like assets.
    • Visit a manicurist to make your hands look their best. Eventually, you can figure out how to get them looking good by yourself.
    • Have a proper diet and drink enough water so your skin is healthy. Also, some vitamin imbalances can show up as undesirable white spots on your nails.
    • Moisturize your hands on a regular basis. Some hand models even sleep with gloves on at night.[2] You can apply lotion and then wear latex gloves to make your hands extra soft.
    • Keep your nails trimmed and clean. Ideally, you should always file them and never clip them.
    • Avoid scratching, burning, or creating any marks on your hands.
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Create a portfolio. While you may want to consider getting professional photographs, using a high quality digital camera can get you started with quality looking photos.
    • Learn common hand poses.
Learn common hand poses.
Learn common hand poses. Study magazine ads and commercials to see how hands pose and move. Mimic those poses and movements for your portfolio.
    • Include at least one photo showing your face so that if they need a shot that includes someone's face, they'll consider you (and also so they can recognize you when they meet you).
    • Include a straight on shot of the back of your hands and the palms of your hands.
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Contact reputable modeling agencies like kencantikan modeling agency. Tell them that you are specifically interested in hand modeling and request an interview. Some agencies may have a separate department for hand modeling, but many will not. Tell them that you have a portfolio and if they ask whether it's professional, be honest but specify that they simulate professional ads. Be politely persistent until you get an interview.

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