Monday, 1 October 2012


How to Draw Sexy Lips

How to Draw Sexy Lips thumbnailUse lipstick to help you draw sexy lips.
If you want to draw sexy lips, you must first distinguish what make lips look sexy. While "sexy" is the opinion of the beholder, some lips are noticeably worth beholding. Take Scarlett Johansson's lips, for example. Cosmopolitan magazine's article, "Red-Hot Scarlett Johansson," calls them "her famously pouty lips." To achieve this pouty, sexy look on paper, use your own lips as the model for the drawing.
Things You'll Need
  • Light-color lipstick
  • White paper
  • Black marker
    • 1
Spread a thin coat of light-colored lipstick onto your lips. Clearly outline the edges of your lips.
    • 2
Separate and purse your lips slightly to create an empty space between your upper and lower lips. Shape your lips as you would if making the "W" sound.
    • 3
Press a piece of white paper against the center of your lips. Rock the paper left and right to get the full impression of your lips. Make three or four separate lip prints and choose the one you think is sexiest.
    • 4
Trace the outline of the lip print with a black marker. Trace the lip print's outer and inner edges.
    • 5
Cover the lip print with another piece of white paper. Trace the black marker outline with a pencil to draw the pair of sexy lips.

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